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The new Corona virus – COVID19, now challenges the entire world. We are in a global fight to combat this deadly disease. The very basic need to protect healthcare professionals and patients requires major changes in the healthcare setting and in the way clinical procedures are conducted. In addition, there is a critical need to establish more ICU units dedicated to severely ill corona virus patients in need of respiratory support with trained staff to care for them. Moreover, the fear and anxiety around the disease and the barrier that the protective gear raises require attention to improve communication in an actively changing healthcare environment.

With these major challenges in healthcare delivery, Sheba is the trailblazer – setting precedents and standards of care in Israel. MSR has been called upon to lead these training efforts and is contributing to the national preparedness of Israel's health care system at large and Sheba Medical Center in particular.

On a national level at the request of the Ministry of Health, MSR conducted licensing exams for 160 ICU nurses this past week in order to strengthen the ICU national nursing capacity as we envision many more challenging patients in the days to come.

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In addition, the Ministry of Health has requested that we continue to conduct the mandatory interns' workshop to prepare them for immediate entry into their respective hospitals with emergency medical skills to become effective members of the medical teams who are carrying the rapidly growing clinical load of the Corona patients.

Furthermore, MSR has been asked by the Ministry of Health to prepare a national simulation-based training program on the management of Corona Intensive Care patients – who're expected to be a major component of the upcoming wave of patients across Israel. Along that line, MSR is producing multiple instructional videos of important steps in the management of such patients, as well as in the infectious control aspects, to protect the healthcare staff who are at major risk. These videos will be public domain for Israel's healthcare system and hospital teams will enroll in distant learning Train the Trainer classes conducted by MSR's educational unit on effective hands-on training of their respective healthcare professionals.

As the need for additional support rises – MSR has offered its services to train medical students, bio-technologists and others as they are recruited to be support staff in Israel's hospitals.

Moreover, we received an urgent request yesterday to help the Palestinian Authority, as well as St Joseph Hospital in East Jerusalem to improve their readiness to deal with the Corona challenges at large and ICU in particular.

MSR is in the process of offering them on site and distant training as needed.


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