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For a Safe, Humane, Ethical
and Patient-Centered Medical Culture


International training groups


The medical simulation field covers a broad range of teaching and evaluation techniques, all of which are based on the creation of controlled, simulated medical scenarios in which to learn and practice in a safe and structured environment. Simulation-based training also provides the opportunity to document, evaluate and provide immediate feedback to the trainees, without exposing patients to unnecessary risk. Click for more...



Consultation Services for Simulation Centers

As Israel’s national center for medical simulation, MSR serves as a model for leading medical centers and faculties of medicine worldwide. MSR offers consulting services on a variety of areas related to the establishment and operation of a simulation center, including architectural design, audiovisual systems, and simulator acquisition.

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CRM Training for Medical Teams


Many of the errors that occur in the healthcare environment are due to ineffective communication amongst healthcare providers – communication that tends to break down even more during a crisis. Click for more..

Faculty Development Program


Faculty development in Simulation-Based Medical Education (SBME) has become a growing necessity. To significantly improve and standardize the level of simulation-based education it is essential to provide comprehensive training that is based on well-established educational principles, and methodologies.

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Donation to MSR

Medical teams from Israel and around the world come to MSR to participate in simulation based training programs to improve their clinical and communication skills.

This experiential form of training enables a participatory, structured and safe learning experience that is video-taped and debriefed, with immediate feedback given to the participants, and without placing patients at risk. The training approach applied at MSR makes extensive use of a wide range of simulation approaches, and integrates both individual and team training.

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Informed consent simulation at MSR, the Israel Center for Medical Simulation
MSR Stills 10
מסר על גלגלים_צהל
ACLS מרדימים
Laporoscopic surgery in OR Setting at MSR
מיומנויות תקשורת צבא
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NEW ! MSR and Haruv Campus in Jerusalem

//  With the opening of the Haruv Campus for Children-at-Risk at Mt. Scopus, MSR and Haruv will open a simulation center in the fields of welfare and medicine. The Center will focus mainly on training and improving communication skills in the areas of welfare and violence against children. Click to read more...

 MSR wishes Happy Passover to  all of our clients and  colleagues and for 

 A Safe, Humane,  Ethical  and Patient-  Centered  Medical Culture. 

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In September 2016, MSR Provided 2 Workshops at the Healthcare Simulation Conference that took place at Johnson County Community College:
1. Assessment
2. Basic & Advanced Debriefing

Location: Johnson County Community College

Picture: Team of JCCC- Johnson County Community College, Team of KU- Kansas University & MSR's team

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